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Lindsay "Pehpper" Peck | Executive Director & Founder

Since a young age, Lindsay has known two things to be core parts of her character. Video games and making people laugh. In early 2015, she combined these two parts into one expression: Streaming games on Twitch! Noticing a lack of local community opportunities for broadcasters, Lindsay decided to create a Seattle meetup dedicated to collaboration, learning, and networking. Serving as Executive Director, Lindsay maintains the overarching vision of SOBA through wearing many hats. From leadership and planning to graphic design and making ridiculous jokes, Lindsay is incredibly passionate about this community and strives to continuously provide a positive and valuable experience for SOBA's staff and members.


James Feore | Director, Partner Relations

While serving as the Community Manager for BanzaiBaby, James was attracted to SOBA by a shared vision for the future of online broadcasting. As a former US Army officer and business operations manager, he brings to the table extensive operations and leadership experience. James now works as a software engineer in the Seattle area, and also helps run the Seattle chapter of another non-profit, Operation Code.


John Higdon | Director, Social Media



Kenley Cheung | Director, Production & Education

Kenley is a Twitch Affiliate and enjoys playing video games. He is a former member of RPI TV, where he worked on delivering high-quality livestreams at his alma mater, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His interests include photography, travel, and video games. When he isn't streaming or working with SOBA, he works as a software engineer in downtown Seattle.
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